September 9

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Pastor Sebastian Ong will tie the Summer Series together with
"The Future of FCBC" this coming Sunday, September 16th for Session 1.

Session 2 with Pastor Sebastian will be September 30th.

The Gathering will be sending a survey and hope to have full participation regarding The Summer Series. If you are not receiving weekly emails, please send your email so you can be added to the list!


What really makes The Sunday Gathering special are the people:Join us!

The Sunday Gathering
"A place to get to know each other and grow closer to God"

August 26

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The Sunday Gathering will meet for Tim's final visit September 9th on the 4th Floor @ 
FCBC, 10am-11am.
Pastor Sebastian will conclude our series, September 16th @ the Y in the MP room, 10am-11am.

Look forward to this time together and we are grateful to have been blessed with all that we 
have learned these past weeks.
Thanks to all who support the Sunday Gathering!


The Sunday Gathering
"A place to meet and get to know each other and grow closerto God"

August 19


August 12


August 5


July 29

George Lai spends time with The Gathering to talk about the prophets and their relevance to Christians and compared it to the situation in the Middle East.

View George's wonderful lesson:


The Sunday Gathering
A place to get to know each other and grow closer to God

July 15

Rodney Tom Leads our discussion today and encourages us to be mindful!
Key Points about how to create and incorporate mindfulness in your life:
1. Live now, don't worry about the past or the future 2. Meditation can help to lessen your daily worries, reduce anxiety 3. Trust in the Lord 4. Think about what you are doing now; eating, breathing - pay attention every moment 5. Being mindful by being thankful
Rodney leads everyone in a 1 minute breathing exercise to lead us to a moment of meditation.
He reminds us to NOT think of anything. Maximum benefits happen when you can remove your 'to do' thoughts or check list and stay quiet and focus on your breathing.
1. Stop 2. Breathe 3. Pray 4. Repeat
Take a moment to recite the Jesus Prayer:
"Lord son of God, have mercy on me".
Prayer rope - a reminder to count how many times one has prayed
Stay focused on what you are praying about, do not let your mind wander.
Maintain a good pace; and not too fast, acknowledge your prayer, stay meanin…