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February 11

John 1:14

Today George began his explanation as to why there was much controversy about who Jesus was. Was Jesus God?  Was Jesus a human being?  Did he become God?

George says the early church believed that Jesus was first man and because he lived his life like God. He was perfect.  He sat on the right side of God and then He became DIVINE.

God revealed himself through him and when he was resurrected,he became divine.

Years later, The view that won out, was that Jesus was God. Not human.He WAS DIVINE and later became flesh. God reveals himself through Jesus because  Christianity is a "REVEALED" religion.

Is God "in you?" or does he need to relieve himself?

Much later, St. Paul comes along and says, "GOD REVEALS himself to you"...This is what people believed for many centuries.

1. In the beginning was the word (GOD)
2. and the word waswith GOD
3. and the word was GOD.

George will continue to share this scripture as it evolves through time.


February 4

George Lai opened today with scripture from John 1:1-14

George reminds us that James Chuck created The Gathering and he intended for us to learn (memorize) some scripture. It would be the basis and the foundation for our group.

First Matthew identifies Jesus as a descendent of Abraham. Jesus is a jewish person. Then Luke tells us that Jesus is not just a jewish person but is a human being. He traces the genealogy as far back to Adam when God created man. People argued, that can't be right...but John writes much later and says Jesus is not just a human being...he is God.  He begins his Gospel, similar to the Old Testament....

1. In the beginning was the word

2. And The word was with God

3. And The word was God

4. And The word became flesh

4. And he lived among us.

Because of these verses, the early church struggled for 100's of years.."how can God create / become man?"....George will follow up as to why...the church struggled with we continue learning this verse…